Question : publishing websites in TMG 2010

Hi all, im trying to publish my local website externally

my local dns server resolves the website directly on the webserver

external dns resolves to my public ip which is forwarded from my router to my tmg external interface

i have setup the website as follows: -
Action: allow
From: anywhere
To: | not resolveable site is blank | forward oringal host header unchecked | requests come from TMG
Tafffic: HTTP
Listener: HTTP Listener
public Name: |
paths: /
authentication: none
app settings: none
Bridging: web server, redirect to http
users: all users
schedule: always
link translation: apply link translation is checked

i just basically ran through the wizard and just checked the site out and it comes up page as blank page or my isps search comes up with search suggestions

ive querired the external dns name in loads of nslookup utilities online they all point to me, so that works fine,

anyone help me out?

Answer : publishing websites in TMG 2010

I'd restart the server and test again.
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