Question : exchange 2010 missing" server configuration"

I have installed Windows server 2008 R2 with Exchange server 2010.
After configuring the server, users and mailboxes suddenly I don't see "server configuration" in the exchange console.

I log in with Administrator and it's missing.
Accordingly, I don't have the full CMDlet commands in the exchange PowerShell.

And, in the EMC -> Server configuration I get "you don't have sufficient permission to view this data"

The server is already in production mode.

What can we do?

Exchange installation log file

Answer : exchange 2010 missing" server configuration"

Solution that worked for me:
As Administrator I went to: Control Panel -> Credential manager
Under "Windows credential" i modified the credential of the and used administrator credential instead of the normal user who was listed there.

Thank you for trying your best.

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