Question : Access 2007 - Query Question

I am trying to make a query from a table (table 1), including new expression fields in it. One of the expression fields is calling the value from one field from another table (Table 2) , this table includes only one record and 27 fields), The problem is that when I try to include just a field value as an expression in the query, the query repeat the same amount of records (27) from table 1, then it changes to the next record.  

I just need to include a value that is in (Table 2) as default value in a field created in a Query, this query uses Table 1 fields and just add one field from Table 2 using and IFF command to make the selection.

If you need more details please ask, I know maybe is pretty hard to understand what I am trying to say.

Answer : Access 2007 - Query Question

can you please post structure of both tables , name the fields u want
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