Question : Compare Internet Explorer (IE6) Security Settings

I want to create a spreadsheet that will allow me to granularly compare the following Internet Explorer (v6) security settings on 10 of our productions servers:

Server   | Internet Security | Intranet Security | Trusted Sites |
Server1 |

Server2 |

Answer : Compare Internet Explorer (IE6) Security Settings

hello cpadm, as most of the IE settings are stored in Windows Registry location
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet  Settings]
you can use the registry export utility to export this entire key on to a file. Please refer to the MS KB for more detailed explanation on IE Registry locations and values.

{To gain access to the registry, click Start|Run, type regedit,  and click Enter.
Choose File|Export and choose  "All" in the Export Range section, saving the file as  "Backup.reg".
Navigate to the above mentioned key.  Upon exporting these keys, copy the REG files to the other computer.  
Once completed, you'll want to open the registry and create a  backup as on the first machine
Close the  Registry Editor.
possibly you have to manually copy these values onto a spreadsheet , or create a script /application to let you do it automatically.

Another way to do this is by Group Policy.

  • click on start - run. Type gpedit.msc. Navigate to Local computer policy  -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates ->  Windows Components -> Internet Explorer. 
  • right click on Internet Explorer and you can export all the settings. 
hope this helps!


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