Question : Default Printer Changes using Terminal Server

Hey everyone been working on this issue for a week now and still can not find a solid solution. I'll attempt to give few details and things I have tried already and will fill in any needed information.

Have multiple users located at multiple sites in the country and we just switched them from Citrix to Terminal Services. We are using Windows Server 2008 R2. but I believe the RDS is standard Windows 2008.
When they select the printer they want as default and remote into their session it changes the printer default to the Adobe PDF printer OR the Microsoft Document printer.

You can always change it back to which ever printer you want when in session but when you log off and back on it switches it right back to the Adobe OR the Microsoft Document printer.

They all have .NET 3.5 and remote desktop version 6.1 or 7 depending on service pack.
I have even tested it myself on one of our RDS test servers and it happens to me.
I have checked Group Policy settings for printer redirection and it is not configured so I assume that means it should just be keeping the default printer when remoting in.

I have also made sure for the remote desktop settings under Local Resources--Printers was checked, though I think since we are using Terminal Services Easy Printing it should automatically be redirecting the printers they have..

Any ideas, suggestions, things to look for or at, or any other information needed please let me know!

Answer : Default Printer Changes using Terminal Server

If everything is 3.5, you may still need the 'family' update. It corrects issues with other .net version that may be in play depending on the driver etc.

If the reqs are right (=>3.5 .net and =>6.1 rd client)
then you may need this hotfix:
(there's no fix for 2008 R2 yet, but you should email the support folks and they say they'll help at no charge.
Here's the page:;EN-US;972600
Direct link to hotfix:

It may say 'not for this operating system'

Use 64 bit (of course =) for those OS units.

If the link doesn't work, try this one:

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