Question : Cisco ASA CSC setup

We have a working Cisco ASA firewall with the CSC by Trend Micro module. Everything was working fine until Cisco gave us new registration keys and I have to reset up the CSC. I get as far as changing the old password to a new one and the password we originally were using (the default 'cisco') does not work. No password works. Is there a way to forcibly change the password for our CSC module back to the default? Reseting it back from the GUI doesn't work as I get the error "[ERROR] hw-module module 1 password-reset noconfirm
      Failed to reset the password on the module in slot 1 - module not in Up state"

Answer : Cisco ASA CSC setup

you can reset the module
hw-module module 1 reset

and see if the module comes into the up state.
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