Question : Simple questions on VLAN addressing

I'm a newbie in the VLAN world and just need a sanity check to be sure I have this concept correct. The part I'm struggling with is the gateway addressing for the VLAN clients using a Layer 2 switch.

Assume that I have VLAN2, VLAN3 of and respectively.
1. Is it correct that for a client on VLAN2 (e.g., Windows 7 desktop box), I would configure the address to be and GW to be, and for VLAN3, and GW
2. What exactly gets configured with these GW addresses (i.e., and Is it the switch when I set up VLAN2 and VLAN3?
3. Is the switch itself configured on a separate VLAN (e.g., VLAN1), for example, as, with an address of and a GW of
4. How does the switch know where to send packets headed for the internet that come from VLAN2 and VLAN3? Does it automatically forward the packet over to VLAN1 and its gateway of last resort when the destination address is outside the local VLAN?
5. If I want to allow traffic between VLAN2 and VLAN3, does the switch handle the logical routing, or does the packet have to go outside to the real router and then back to the switch?
6. How does a DHCP server know which VLAN to use to assign a scope of adresses, or are VLAN's a static-only option?

I think I understand the VLAN theory with broadcast domains, etc., but I'm less confident that I have the NIC configuration details understood. The link on the Cisco site is helpful, but it deals with Layer 3 switches, and I'm not sure it also applies for Layer 2 switches.

Thanks in advance.

Answer : Simple questions on VLAN addressing

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