Question : ISA2006 - Register VPN-Clients with DNS

Hey guys,

does someone know a workaround to register vpn clients on ISA2006 with the internal DNS server? The IP settings of the clients are all fine ... but they just doesn't register themself on dns after vpn connection is established.
As far as I know this is default on ISA/FTMG, but I'm searching for a workaround.

Thanks in advance!
Regards Dave

Answer : ISA2006 - Register VPN-Clients with DNS

Are you using CMAK clients or you have created the VPN connection on each client?

In case you are creating a new connection to VPN..

Start-- Run---type "ncpa.cpl"

Now go to the property of the connection and go to Networking TAB... Now go the TCPIP property.. and go to the DNS Tab.. Make sure that the "Register this connection is checked"..

Along with that you need to make sure that the DNS server is reachable and the VPN connection is on Top of the network binding order.

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