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I am trying to restrict the price lists shown by business unit.  For example, when I open a product, it can be sold in several different stores (which will be shown as price list items under the left nav bar).  My problem is that a manager in one store should not be able to see pricing in competing stores, they should only see price lists for their business unit.  

I am currently capturing the logged in user's business unit (using an xml call to CRM Web services) which can be matched to the name of the price list to show or hide price lists. What I am looking for is the best approach to restrict the price lists shown.  I have been looking through the SDK code but I am stuck on where to start.


Answer : Microsoft CRM Product question

On the similar lines as Aftab has described, if you have many price lists than better approach will be to create a custom entity where you will store the mapping and after that rather than processing the XML you will query CRM for mapping information and based on that you will filter out the results. There is a possibility that we might be able to avoid unsupported customization this way only issue is we will have to see whether we can configure the plugin to do so. Give it a shot and let's see how it goes.
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