Question : Changing default ring volume on Polycom IP 430 and 650

We have Polycom IP 430's and 650's on our new VOIP.  They are using SIP v3.2.3 and BootROM v4.2.2.

The ringer volume on the phones is quite low, and our front desk people needed them to be louder.  I know all about the TIA-810-A thing, but we needed it louder.

I modified the and values in the sip.cfg file.  They default to -12 and I changed them to 12.  The new volume is sufficient.

The problem is that now the + and - buttons to control the ring volume now do nothing to control the ring volume.  It seems locked at the max.  Can this be fixed so that people can still adjust the ringer volume?  Alternately, the layout of the phone.cfg files is slightly different that sip.cfg.  Can the phone ringer volume be configured on a per-phone basis (examples would be helpful)?

Answer : Changing default ring volume on Polycom IP 430 and 650

Polycom doesn't recommend you change those values. Because it can be a little unpredictable when you do. That being said....

When you change the digital ringer volume in the sip.cfg file, you are doing it for all phones. So that's why all phones now have the issue.

To do it for individual phones, you can add that line to any one of the phone.cfg files for that particular phone.

The sip.cfg file is a base file for the configurations. It is the foundation level. phone.cfg is over-laid on top of that, and it overrides settings in the sip.cfg file with the values and settings in the phone.cfg.

So, while the layout is different, as long as you keep the XML node in tact, you can change and even add values and settings to an individual phone's setting without having to make changes to sip.cfg.

Now... on to the ringer problem.

The main issue with the Polycom ringer is that it was recorded too darn low. So, to solve the problem, I just recorded a new ring tone, and set that as the default ringer.

Because the new ringtone is recorded at a DECENT level, I don't have to change the, etc... values, and the volume buttons still work.

I have written an article on creating customer ring tones here:

As for your requested example, paste the code below at the BOTTOM of one of your phone.cfg files ABOVE the ,/phone1> part. It should do the trick.

<voice voice.txPacketFilter="0">
    <gains voice.gain.rx.analog.handset="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.handset.VVX_1500="-2" voice.gain.rx.analog.headset="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.headset.VVX_1500="-2" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.IP_300="-6" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.IP_330="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.IP_430="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.IP_650="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.IP_601="6" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.IP_7000="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.IP_6000="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.IP_5000="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.IP_450="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.VVX_1500="-3" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP_300="-6" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP_330="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP_430="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP_650="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP_601="6" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP_7000="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP_6000="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP_5000="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP_450="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.VVX_1500="0""-15""-21""0""0""5""5""5""0""5""5""11""5""0""-21""-21""-12""-12""-12""-21""-21""-21""-12""-12""-21" voice.gain.rx.analog.handset.sidetone="-20" voice.gain.rx.analog.handset.sidetone.VVX_1500="-15" voice.gain.rx.analog.headset.sidetone="-24" voice.gain.rx.analog.headset.sidetone.VVX_1500="-31" voice.gain.tx.analog.handset="6" voice.gain.tx.analog.handset.VVX_1500="-48" voice.gain.tx.analog.headset="3" voice.gain.tx.analog.headset.VVX_1500="-47" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis="3" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis.IP_300="0" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis.IP_330="36" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis.IP_430="36" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis.IP_650="36" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis.IP_601="0" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis.IP_7000="0" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis.IP_6000="0" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis.IP_5000="0" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis.IP_450="36" voice.gain.tx.analog.chassis.VVX_1500="-25""0""10""10""6""6""12""0""10""6""6""6""12""3""0""12""12""12""6""6""6""15""12""3" voice.gain.tx.analog.preamp.handset="23" voice.gain.tx.analog.preamp.headset="23" voice.gain.tx.analog.preamp.chassis="32" voice.gain.tx.analog.preamp.chassis.IP_601="32" />
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