Question : Revert to Visual Studio 2008


I recenly intalled VS 2010 on a new machine and upgraded all web projects (most are still targeting .Net2.0) without any difficulty.

A few days later I find that typed datasets are no longer supported (they are allowed to work but the tooling no longer seems to exist).

Unfortunately a number of these projects utilise typed datasets so I will have to run 2008 and 2010 side-by-side.  I understand that this is okay to do.

My questions are these.
Now that my projects have been opened and saved in 2010 can I still use them in 2008?
If they have changed, which files would have changed?
Will I have to uninstall 2010 before I install 2008?

Hopefully there is someone out there who can help...



Answer : Revert to Visual Studio 2008

If you install 2008 + SP1 and then 2010 than you wont find any problem.
If you install in above than than it wont but if you install 2010 and than 2008 than chances are there that newer files are written by older version e.g. default program will be set to 2008 and all.

Be safer than sorry install 2008 + SP1 and then 2010
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