Question : Remote Web Workplace Setup

I acquired a new client that is running a SBS2003 SP2. They don't have RWW setup. The Geek Squad Tech they had didn't setup DHCP. Everyone has a static ip address. When I run the Configure Internet option from server manager I get a DHCP error. Is there another way to activate RWW outside the Server Management console?

Answer : Remote Web Workplace Setup

Once DHCP is configured follow these steps
To enable or disable Remote Web Workplace
Open the Windows SBS Console.

On the navigation bar, click Shared Folders and Web Sites.

Click the Web Sites tab.

Right-click Remote Web Workplace, and then do one of the following:

To enable Remote Web Workplace so that users can remotely access network features, click Enable this site.

To prevent users from accessing Remote Web Workplace, click Disable this site
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