Question : WIN Network on SBS 2K3 server has disappeared

I hope you can help with this as no one in the company can access files on the server, the main IT person is on holiday and I'm a bit out of my depth on this one.

Last might I updated AVG on our SBS 2K3 server then rebooted as instructed by AVG at end of the update.  Ever since then the WIN Network has disappeared.  I.e. when you try to browse the network from the server there are no no computers (the domain is present but there are no computers when you double click to browse).

Similarly the domain PCs cannot use any file resources on the server (Exchange Server seems to be operating OK).

You can ping to the PCs from the server and vice versa.  You can also access the desktop PCs using remote desktop.

I have lodged a support ticket with AVG but It is of course also a possibility that the fault appearing after the AVG update is just a coincidence

Any help in trouble shooting would be appreciated.

Answer : WIN Network on SBS 2K3 server has disappeared

I've sorted the problem myself.  First I uninstalled AVG.  This actually made no difference.  Using netdiag I established there was a problem with NetBt. I searched around other forums and found a solution to a similar problem which worked for me as well.  I found that the following registry key was wrong;


It had a data value of 1.  I changed it to \Device\   (including the two back slashes) and the network miraculously re-appeared after a reboot.
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