Question : DFS Cleanup

I am new to DFS and was setting up a DFS link between a Windows 2003 r2 DC and a Windows 2008 r2 branch office.  In trying to get it set up properly, I added and deleted several domain roots and targets, creating multiple shares before I got it functioning properly.  I didn't realize that by removing the roots and targets in the DFS Manager that not everything was removed.  I now realize that I have all of the iterations of DFS shares remaining that I need to clean up.  I have tried to use the DFSUtil application to delete the shares but it seems that the roots need to be removed before I can delete the shares.  I don't even remember all of the names that I used to use DFSUtil.  What would be the best way to clean up all of these remnants that I've created?  The 2008 server was an older release so it had the Win2003 file replication option available so that is what I mistakenly used along with FRS on the 2003 side.  I have a 3rd 2008 r2 server that I setup another DFS replication on that works great so I want to try to avoid causing problems with that configuration if possible.

Answer : DFS Cleanup


The answer is no.


- gurutc
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