Question : Send certain emails to another remote exchange server

We wish to forward emails destined for certain users over to a remote exchange server. The server currently receiving the mail from the internet is running Exchange 2007. The other remote exchange server is on a different domain altogether and is running Exchange 2003.
So, the MX records for are pointing to Exchange 2007 server. We then want to pick out certain users email and relay them on to the exchange 2003 server in another location so that the users can run outlook against their local exchange 2003 server. We want to try this because these 6 or 7 remote users are "having all sorts of problems" using outlook over http at the moment. I think mainly they're complaining about slowness which is strange because other users based at different geographical locations have no such problems with Outlook anywhere. Could it be the fact that these problem users are all in the same building sharing a standard adsl connection (i.e 8mb download 0.5mb upload)

Answer : Send certain emails to another remote exchange server

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