Question : regedit for MatLab Subversion interface

The below link talks about how I can change my windows registry to allow the MatLab interfeca i.e. Files->Preferences->Source Control work with Subversion.  I am not good at registry programming so could someone tell me how to set up the below registry file (intall instructions below too).  I have a snap shop of my windows registries?  For example how should I fill out the below regedit fil given my registry file structure?


"SCCServerPath"="<path to SVNScc.dll>"



                        INSTALLING SVNScc
                          A Quick Guide



     A. Installing from a Zip


  A. Installing from a Zip

     Download the latest Zip (*.zip) file from:
     Extract the zip to a directory of your choice.
     Edit the 'SCCServerPath' entry in the SVNScc.reg file to point to
     the path where you extrected the zip file.
     Double-click on the reg file to enter it into the registry and install
     SVNScc as the default SCC provider.
regedit display
regedit display

Answer : regedit for MatLab Subversion interface

If the key does not exist in the registry, it will be created. If it exists, the data with certain name under this key will be created or modified. Nothing will be deleted.

For example, the line [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SVNScc\SVNScc] specifies path to SVNScc key in the registry. If it not exist, the key will be created. Then the data named SCCServerName and SCCServerPath will be created (or modified if exists).
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