Question : Can't identify windows 2003 server by name on my network

We have two Windows 2003 servers that share the same active directory and same workgroup.
Trustserver and Server01
We run Exchange server on them, which was originally installed on Server01.
Everything was working great, I had drives mapped in the workstations to both servers, and was runnign exchange to share some files and e-mail .
Until I was trying to set up a remote access role in server01, I run the wizard and decided not to go that way so then I uninstalled the role.

From that moment on, Server01 was not identfied in the network, if I typed the dns address the workstations could see it, but not if I searched for Server01.
I wouldn't mind it, except that Exchange server stopped working in the workstations because it can't find the server, and can't connect to it, and I 'm pretty sure it's working on the server.

Does anybody have any idea of what I could do...?
I am a beginner with server techonology.


Answer : Can't identify windows 2003 server by name on my network

Well, it apears like the browser service on DC1 is stopped, OR you are not maintaining a browselist on DC1.

Let's do some basics to make sure we don't overlook these things and we will progressively get harder into Netbios/Browser troubleshooting.

-Check to make sure these services are enabled:
-File and print sharing (on the NIC configuration)
-On the WINS tab of TCP/IP configurations (make sure netbios over TCP/IP is enabled)I
-In Services, make sure the Browser Service and Workstation service are started and set to automatic
-See if your firewall has been enabled. NOTE( if you enabled RRAS, then your firewall is enabled regardless of the service being set to disabled and not started)

I think we went to the command prompt and typed Net config redir to check the network director service to see what nic netbios is bound to, right??
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