Question : A Perl Script to get windows server information

Is it possible to create a Perl script to get some information about all windows servers in a domain? Such as OS version, IP address, software installed on these servers.

Thanks in advance

Answer : A Perl Script to get windows server information

What you'll have to look for is primarily found in Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), easily done in any scripting language. Since you're dealing with a Windows environment exclusively I'd recommend using vbscript instead, as you'll have a easier time with portability across servers.

With that said, grab Microsoft's Scriptmatic v2.0 at - it can write a lot of the code for you for the WMI information gathering.

If you're looking to browse around WMI namespace, I hughly recommend WMI Code Creator at - while it doesn't do perl, it does vbscript code generation and will allow you see what information it's gathering.
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