Question : Why does a SAV new installation show up as

I completed a fresh install of SAV versus attempting a migration from the old 10.1 version on another server.  Logged into, entered our serial number, and downloaded the latest version available to us (  I installed it on a fresh, new Server 2003 Standard R2 (VMware) and followed the installation instructions to the letter.  Once that was completed, I noticed that both server and client versions were showing  Can somebody explain what is going on, and how to fix this?  I know this version is EOL and no longer supported, but I must continue to use it until a budget request is approved.  I am also aware that SEP has replaced SAV.

Answer : Why does a SAV new installation show up as

Sav is the build that shows up when you install it on win2k3 32 and 64...

When you install this versions on win2k8, vista or win7 it shows the number that you mentioned (


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