Question : Help needed to install Team Foundation Server 2010

I need to install Team Foundation Server 2010

I have the following settings
1. Windows Server 2003 SP2 where I will install TFS 2010
2. Visual Studio 2008 already installed on 2 pc which will be used as TFS client
3. SQL Server 2005 already installed seperate server

I am going thprugh different documentation but they all too much to take
Can some layout what steps i need to take to complete my installation


Answer : Help needed to install Team Foundation Server 2010

This is the only document you need 

TFSInstall-3292010.chm from

you will need SQL 2008 not 2005 , Please refer to Installing prerequisites >SQL server section

Another thing to consider, will you be using Sharepoint as project portal ?, Do you have an existing sharepoint installation in your environment, or will you install WSS 3.0 during the setup on your 2003 server ?

Another thing would be , the Clients, although Visual studio 2008 SP1 is compatible with TFS 2010, you will need to install the below patch, and keep in mind there will be some functionalities not available for the TFS Administrator  mainly unless Visual studio& Team explorer 2010 are installed.

you may aslo wish to take a look at the below link for some important info and a walkthrough

Other than that the section that is most important in the installation document for you is as  below, be sure not to miss the checklist

"Scenario: Installing Team Foundation Server Using Existing Infrastructure or More than One Server"

Before proceeding with the installation, make sure that windows  SQL , sharepoint are most updated with regards to patches , service packs , updates ,etc..

Hope this clarifies.

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