Question : Lotus Agent to save attachment

Running IBM Lotus Notes 8.5, Release 8.5.1.

I need a lotus agent that will take e-mails coming daily with a specific title and sender, save the attachment with a specific name in a network location, then mark the e-mail read.

I want it to run automatically, and I want to understand how to update it. I have experience with coding but not Lotus Script, and currently I can't even find the list of Agents (I can create one, but I don't know where the list is).

Please help me feel a little less dumb.



Answer : Lotus Agent to save attachment

Open the database via the Designer Client.  If it is on a server you will need a minimum of Designer Access to the database to make the change.  Navigate to the Shared Code section and expand it to reveal agents.  From there you can create the LotusScript agent.  Hope this helps
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