Question : Send Mail via Google Apps

Hi our organization has been using Google Apps successfully for several years now but there is one issue that I would like to resolve.

We would like to send outbound emails from two clients that do not support the Google Apps mail security requirements outlined here:

The clients I would like to utilize are scan-to-email on a Multifunction Copier/Printer/Scanner and email PDF's from our key line of business application.

Neither of these devices can send mail through Google Apps and I assume the reason is that neither support TLS which is a requirement.

I am running an SMTP server locally on a 2003 server box to server as a workaround but I am hearing feedback that some  emails are not making it to their destination.  I assume this is because the recipients mail server is performing a reverse DNS lookup and dropping the emails because they don't match.

Is there a way that I can configure my local mail server to relay the mail out Google Apps?  Or is there some other solution that might work better?



Answer : Send Mail via Google Apps

I looked at the guides, although there are references to SSL/TLS, it is not very clear.

Take a look at this post named "Alternative SMTP option for use by SSL deprived network devices" on Google Apps site:

This may work:

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