Question : how to use iscsi from backup exec with Dell TL2000

Dear Experts,

Here is my scenario:

1 TL2000 Tape Drive, iscsi bridge installed on it
1 M610 blade server as a backup server, backup exec 12.5 is installed on it with windows server 2008 std sp2

i want to take backup from backup exec and put that backup to tape drive  through iscsi, as i dont have any scsi port in my system. i manage to configure microsoft initator on my backup server successfully and it is showing me as connected, but after that what to do?

first i was thinking that may be after configuring iscsi initiator i will see that tape as drive in my computer but i cannot see any thing like this.

any helps guys...

Answer : how to use iscsi from backup exec with Dell TL2000

I just compiled the above apps for Any CPU and it worked as expected. Of course, my problem is that if I reference a 32-bit COM component in the app I get the following exception when trying to instansiate it:

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID { xxx } failed due to the following error: 80040154

I believe that I simply can't use this type of linkage between two .NET apps if one of them is x64 or Any CPU and the other uses a 32-bit ActiveX control.
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