Question : Can't get twoASA 5505's VPNd


I've got two ASA 5505's that I spend the day trying to get in a site-to-site VPN configuration.  I think I had the tunnel working, as I could monitor through the GUI, and saw packets moving in both directions.  However, when I tried to access a resource on one side of the tunnel from the other side, I had no success.  I tried to do a traceroute, and that didn't even appear to be trying to use the tunnel (went out through the non-tunneled, normal route for internet traffic - although I don't have an ICMP IPSEC rule, so maybe this part is a red hearing).

I've attached the two configs.  Help is appreciated.


Answer : Can't get twoASA 5505's VPNd

Your object groups do not match
Reston has this entry, but the other side does not have this network in the Reston_All group

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