Question : Exchange 2010 installed but not accessible from OWA

I ran an SBS 2003 box and I migrated to Win 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010 this weekend.  I followed the steps in dematzer's blog post here:

I've got Exchange 2010 installed, and the mailboxes are moving (at least the information store in increasing in size so I presume that's happening in the background).

But OWA isn't working.  If I go in via the internal IP ( or from the external FQDN (, it times out.  I presume I missed something. What should I look at to see where the issue is?

Answer : Exchange 2010 installed but not accessible from OWA

This turned out to be a different problem entirely.  I called Microsoft and we eventually tracked it down.

At one point, I attmpted to set up RRAS on this particular box.  During the setup, it asked me if I wanted to set up static packet filters.  I hit yes, without really thinking.  That broke internet access on my machine for several hours.  Then - I went into RRAS to fix it.  In the RRAS console, I went to IPv4- > General.  Right click on the NIC and click on inbound and outbound filters and alter them from "drop all packets . . . " to "receive all packets"

But what I didn't notice was that it says "receive all packets EXCEPT THOSE THAT MEET THE CRITERIA BELOW"

In the list of criteria below was port 443 on - the IP address of my machine.

What we were able to see was that I could not telnet to port 443 on  But I COULD if I did a telnet to on 443.  

Anyway - this was the cause of what broke my server - it wasn't transmitting any traffic on port 443 because of this.  
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