Question : DHCP White list

We have a DHCP running and giving out auto IP's to every device.

what is the best practice to assign IP's only to those whom we allow to access our network?

is it by binding all machines by MAC and reserve IP's? and if so, how to stop DHCP server auto assign DHCP to everyone and only assign to the devices that we allow?


Answer : DHCP White list

Like I said it's just best practice to not install something like a RDS server on a DC. There are not technical limits preventing you from doing it though. You're probably fine doing it in a small environment with 5-10 users. Obviously the license limitations for Foundation server are 15 users. Your RDS licenses are limited to the same and must be purchased in additional to the Foundation Server license. I would recommend using RDS Web Access deployment. That way you're not sharing the desktop of the server with your users.

The above link is all the information you need for installation and configuration.

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