Question : unable to find callback library jcb.dll


Would like to defrag exchange database on a dl 380g6 12 gig server but receive the "unable to find call back library jcb.dll or one of its dependencies"
I can successfully defrag the database on another server with or without exchange server installed, i.e. with the files needed in a seperate folder with a plain install of server 03 ent

I have tried every recommendation available on forums but to no avail.
Could an expert please assist in setting me straight on this issue?

Many thanks

Answer : unable to find callback library jcb.dll

Hi eseutil

yes i have seen this issue many times, you mention that it is successful on another machine, ask your self what is the difference between the two machines? What i suggest is to reconfigure the dl 380 to a similar config as the machine which eseutil works on. you mention that you have reduced the RAM, and have run exbpa. exbpa would have nothing to do with your eseutil issues as you can run eseutil without an exchange install. How many processor cores do you have, try and reduce the cores to 2 and see how you go. if it worked on another machine without copying the jcb.dll in every directory and registering dll's it will work on the dl380. Run eseutil as normal just change the number of cores, i think this will solve your issue.

Let me know how you go eseutil.

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