Question : out off office not working for one user

Hi All,

  I have a single EXchage 2007 server,  I have some issues with only one user, his out of office is not working, I enabled his out of office from OWA but when anyone send him an email from internal or external he is not getting any out of office message, I have the same working for other users, can someone advise please.


Answer : out off office not working for one user

>>after the insert the corresponding column in sql server 2008 has a value of 1884-07-21 !!! what mistake do i make?<<
But to answer your question ....      :)

You have failed to add quotes around the date which is causing the following to happen:
1884-07-21 = -1990  ==> 1894-07-21 00:00:00.000

Your insert needs to look like this:
INSERT INTO xxx (aa,bb, Sent, Processed, cc,dd, linecount) VALUES ('aal','bb','20100626',0,'A12977F0F1D340929172EB61DD80A6[email protected]C3', 4,'0')

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