Question : Inserting another drawing

Dear experts,

Attached is a drawing i have on a word document.

1. I want to drag the diagram from the top slighly down but the bottom margins of the diagram will remain the same.
2. I want to add a new drawing in the space create by doing pt 1 in which there will header for the diagram. If any expert can suggest any good shapes for heaer This header will placed at the centre
3. There will be another diagram which be aligned to the right side of the sheet in the same row as in pt 2.

Also if any expert can tell me how change the margins of the drawings and then simulateneously apply to various drwawings in several sheets in a document.

Thank you,
Inserting another table by reducing the top line of the current diagram

Answer : Inserting another drawing

Which version of MS Office are you using?

Inserting a diagram, putting a bookmark and hyperlink in a header is same as in the body. I didn't find it different in MS Office 2007
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