Question : Replace Line breaks with spaces using VB in Excel

Hi I need some help with a formula to run in excel that will find and replace all line breaks in all cells within a column. Here is a typical entry:
Due to their sizes and outputs, these food mills are designed
for small quantities and fit onto pans smaller than 8 ?” in
diameter. They are made of stainless steel and come with three
cutting plates. The 7 ?” food mill output is approximately 1 Lb
per minute and 1.5 Lbs for the 9 1/2”.

The line breaks need to be eliminated to facilitate the creation of a CSV file that will not crash an application.

Appreciate all help!!!

Answer : Replace Line breaks with spaces using VB in Excel

You might have two different types of line breaks.

Try this

Sub zap()
ActiveSheet.[A:A].Replace Chr(13) & Chr(10), " "
ActiveSheet.[A:A].Replace Chr(10), " "
ActiveSheet.[A:A].Replace Chr(13), " "
End Sub
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