Question : htaccess rewrite


I would like to make the below string:|%2Btownhome%2B|%2Bsingle%2Bfamily&resultsPerPage=10&bedrooms=1&bathrooms=1&action=search&order=price_desc&param=scottsdale+az&task=Buy

Into this:

I tried to type it all out but when I did it just said page not found.

Can you please help me with it.

Here is what I started with:

RewriteRule ^search/([^\-]+)/([^$]+)-([^$]+) /results.php?dollars0=$2&dollars1=$3

Answer : htaccess rewrite

Per your followup question "htaccces more then 10 variables" ( you've worked out you can only pick out 9 parameters in a single RewriteRule, but per my reply you can include additional elements extracted via a preceding RewriteCond.

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