Question : inbound email delays from different sources

Hi, recently i been having some issues with the email service in my company. We outsurce the exchange email service from a company called Intermedia. The issues is that some of of the users including my self have noticed that emails are coming with several hours of delays and some times we don't get the emails. the senders usually get the bounce back message your email has been delayed, the server will keep traying then the senders gets another bounce back message saying the same. i already checked the email headers and everything seems fine from Intermedia to my mailbox but there is a delay from the MX source to Intermedia.
I would appreciate some help and maybe some direction on what tools can i use to trace an email from source to recipient to see where is the delay happening.


Answer : inbound email delays from different sources

dumpster is like a holding-place for deleted items.

When you delete items from deleted items in your mailbox, they will end-up in dumpster. Depending on your deleted items retention policy, dumpster gets cleaned-up.

whatever items you recovered from dumpster are the items that got deleted. For all the items, you may have to go back in backup tapes.
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