Question : Mitel Teleworker One Way Audio

We have a Mitel Teleworker with a remote 5212 IP phone.

The remote phone connects to the teleworker and registers on the network as an extension.

However on calls to internal extensions there is one way audio - i.e. the remote phone can heard on the internal extension, but the internal extension can't be heard on the remote phone.

Calls from the remote phone to other numbers - i.e. external landlines and mobiles are fine and there is 2-way audio.

The Teleworker Server has a public IP address assigned to it and is in Server and Gateway mode as it also operates as the Default Gateway for the office PCs.

Can anyone help?

Answer : Mitel Teleworker One Way Audio

To check the default gateway on the phones, use the configuration menu on the IP phone.
Hold down the Up and Down buttons together and then release just the down button. While still pressing the Up key dial 234 on the dial pad and then release the Up key.
Select Yes for Network Parameters, and Yes to View current values.

If the default gateway is not set to the MBG server, then make sure the DHCP server for the phones has the router option set (003).

Hope this helps
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