Question : how to write to hfsplus drive with journeling from linux?

I've Google searched for an answer to this with no success. I want to mount an hfsplus hard drive on a linux system and write to it. The hfsplus drive has journeling enabled. I happen to be using Centos 5.4 as my linux system.
It appears you can mount a non-journeled hfsplus drive and write to it with no issues. It's just when journeling is enabled that you can't write to it.

I've tried the following, as root:
mount -w -t hfsplus /dev/sdr3 /usbdrive
mount -o rw -t hfsplus /dev/sdr3 /usbdrive

Both of these mount the drive, and I can read data on it. But if I try to copy a file (as root) I get a Read Only Filesystem error. Searching Google (and EE) I see other's with this problem, and no solutions. So maybe there isn't one, but I thought I would try here on EE with this specific question, and see what happens. Other solutions suggest turning off journeling on the drive. I'm not looking to do that. If that's the only way to make it work, then so be it.

Answer : how to write to hfsplus drive with journeling from linux?

I'm afraid currently this can't be done. As HFS file-systems are apple stuff and copyrighted by them, and since they don't publish it's workings to the others, there won't be a solution to this until apple changes it's position, or someone reverse engineers things.
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