Question : Perform Excel Lookup Find

I am trying to do a lookup in Excel Sheet 1 from Sheet 2. I am trying to use Vlookup and Find functions but didn't have success. Here  is a quick example.
          Sheet 1                       Sheet 2      
Customer      IMT Desc            Customer      IMT Desc
;D552AYU      2094738            ;D552AYU      IMT002094738        
                                                     ;D552AYU      IMT 002094738      
                                                     ;D552AYU      IMT00-209-4738        

I want data from sheet 2 and as you can see that in Sheet 2 there is a match but the 2nd cell has an extra space after "IMT". In the 3rd cell there are dashes and vlookup wouldn't work. I tried using MID function but due to inconsistency that doesn't always work. Is there a way to do lookup and return the value in Sheet 1.

I hope I explained it well, if I didn't let me know and I will explain it further. See attachment for the sample data.

Thanks in advance for the help
sample data

Answer : Perform Excel Lookup Find

If still unsure, use process explorer. There is a "cross-hair" icon which you can drag and drop onto that message and resulting process will be highlighted :)
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