Question : Password Recovery Cisco ASA 5520 Firewall

I have 2 Cisco ASA 5520 series firewalls.  They have been used for testing and need to be reset to the factory settings and remove passwords. I have tried a few things, but have not been successful.  I can concole into the firewall via Hyperterminal.

Ive tryed followed this guide( and at step 10 my password is not blank it still asks for the old password.

To clearify I don't have any password from before at all and I don't have any Cisco login IDs etc. How can I reset my password on this unit?



Answer : Password Recovery Cisco ASA 5520 Firewall

When you get to here "Do you wish to change this configuration? y/n [n]:" select "y" as you did, then select the default "n" for the other questions until you get to the line "disable system configuration? y/n [n]:" this should be set to "y".
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