Question : Toshiba Portege M700 BIOS password


One of our old Tech Guys have returned their laptop since leaving (in bad circumstances)

Unfortunately we cannot use the laptop.  They have set a BIOS administrator password so we cannot get the machine to boot form CD to rebuild the machine.  They have also changed the local administrator password so we cannot get into the machine and removed it from the domain.

I have tried removing the CMOS battery for over 10 minutes, it says that the time and date needs to be set but I cannot even do that because the BIOS is locked out.

The only way I can boot from CD is if I remove the Hard Disk.  I did this to run a CMOS password cracker but it did not resolve the issue.

Any idea how I can remove this password? or a way I can bypass the administrator password when I cannot boot from the Windows CD to enter console mode?


Answer : Toshiba Portege M700 BIOS password

Unless you can get help from Toshiba, then there is no solution  unfortunately.

Can you perhaps do a USB flash boot rather than CD ?

I hope this helps !
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