Question : Sharepoint 2010 Advice, WSS vs MOSS

Hi all,
         I am after some advice on the design and implementation of a Sharepoint site. I have implemented the Sharepoint WSS 3.0 for a number of clients as a basic document storage and task management along with the calender and generic web parts.

I now have the spec for a new install, 100 - 150 users. Single site with 100 to 300Gb of data over 5 departments. The requirements for the client are below, top are high priority.

1) Document Management
2) Document Search
3) Full item content search
4) Versioning & Publishing
5) Alerts

Issues i can see,
1) Due to the large amount of Data i can see Issues with Database limits and access speed. Will SQL Express 2005 be able to cope with the DB sizes or is the only real option the full version SQL?

2) Has the search ability been reduced in the 2010 basic version? will they require the full version for best performance or are there add-on's that will improve the search on the basic setup?

3) Versioning and publishing, this is a simple setup but will the bloat the already large DB size and so should i add an extra 30-50% to allow for this?

4) Hardware requirements, will this be too much for a single server attached to an MSA/SAN would you suggest splitting the roles?

5) Any other advice from past workings would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Answer : Sharepoint 2010 Advice, WSS vs MOSS



/usr/ucb/ps auxww


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