Question : How to Configure Link aggregation on Cisco 3560G?

Dear Sir,

I would like to configure Link Aggregation (LAG) on my Cisco Switch 3560G.
I already configured my Dell PowerEdge Server 2950 as LAG using Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 3. (2 Nics).

LAG, or Link aggregation is designed to add bandwidth by taking two nics and two switch ports and combining them or aggregating them into one.  This will require a managed switch that can aggregate the ports.  If one NIC fails we will be dead in the water, on the other hand if I am pushing massive amounts of data over the network LAG can be quite usefull.
I already have a managed Switch...

Could someone tell me please the step by step (commands) on how to configure the LAG on my Cisco Switch 3560G to aggregate 2 ports, using Port 33 & 31.
I'm new on managing Cisco switches...
I need all the details.

Thank You!

Answer : How to Configure Link aggregation on Cisco 3560G?

you define the VLAN that you want the server to be in - its part of your network design

between switches

interface portchannel 1
 switchport mode trunk

interface g0/X
 channel group 1 mode on

interface g0/Y
 channel group 1 mode on

at each end

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