Question : problem installing oracle 8I on windows 7

Each time attempt to install oracle 8i on windows 7 pro the installer gets to 100% but then windows shows an error that jrew.exe has stopped running. Oracle creates almost half a gig of folders but not the actual database.

On my first try I exited the setup at the point of naming the DB. On subsequent installs I named the SID and the Home directory identical to previous installs (now I'm thinking THAT was a mistake) but I did try one install using fresh directory and DB names but got the same error.

Before each install I have deleted the folders Oracle creates but not the registry entries - is this an issue that started with my first aborted install? I've successfully installed 8i on Win XP.

I am stuck with 8i because we long ago dropped support and therefore upgrades...I can't call Oracle.

Any suggestions out there? Thanks

Answer : problem installing oracle 8I on windows 7

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