Question : Access ASA GUI from non-inside interface

I've recently implemented an ASA 5505 to cover a number of office VLANs.  The "inside" VLAN has an IP is, and my workstation now sits on 192.168.3.X (called "workstation" VLAN).  Is it possible to create an ACL to allow my workstation to access the GUI tool from the ASA 5505?  I currently get the following error when I try:

TCP access denied by ACL from to workstation:



Answer : Access ASA GUI from non-inside interface

just need to add the following statements

ssh inside
 - the interface (inside) here should be the interface that leads to this 3.x network

if you want to manage via telnet and gui

http inside

telnet inside

lastly, this command is probably already there
 - management-access inside
hope this helps.
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