Question : How to make report spacing better.

The one report I have in the attached MS Access 2007 DB is spreading the sections out between section too far. I need to make sections closer together.

There are also blank pages between the report sections.

See atached image and db

Answer : How to make report spacing better.

This has more to do with the structure of your Tables than the design of the report.
Your data is not "Normalized"
You probably should not have separate "Detail", "Section", or "SubjectBlock" fields in your tables.
You should a separate, related tables (One to many)
Something like this:
ProjectID (PK)

ProjectSectionID (PK)
ProjectID (FK)

ProjectSectionDetailID (PK)
ProjectSectionID (FK)

(Perhaps I am missing something in your design, but this is the impression I get...)

Among other things, you do not have to worry about spacing *Every* Section, (Detail, SubjectBlock) field in the report, it is done automatically with the 1 "Section" field.

(Also bear in mind that "Section", and "Detail" are key words in Access and can cause confusion when doing things like this)

Finally, your Report width was wider than the paper width (I simply made the margin thinner)
This may be the reason for the blank pages.


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