Question : Roles or authorization access to pages


I have a web site websiteA. Another web site WebsiteB. users : user1,user2,user3
I have web pages1,2,3,4 etc in WebSiteB. user can come to WebsiteB in two ways
1.) Login to websiteB through Login
2.) from WebSiteA ie Login to WebsiteA and Single sign on to WebsiteB

How do I restrict Pages3,4if they are coming from WebsiteA & allow if they are coming from WebsiteB directly.

Answer : Roles or authorization access to pages


Yes, you can install the eConnect runtime from CD2.

After you install it, you'll want to install the eConnect service pack; the latest is SP4, and is available for download on Customer Source.

Make sure to read the install guide before installing the runtime though, as you'll want the eConnect domain user setup before you do the install.

And if you are installing on a Server 2008 machine, here's something you might run into:


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