Question : How to setup two virtual subnets with vmware workstation 6.5

I need to setup a test environment on a single vmware workstation, which includes two subnets. I´ve found very little helpful documentations about this, and the one I´ve found seems rather incomplete. But from what I have learned, I either have to have a "third" virtual machine/router which will route the traffic between the subnets, or I can use two host-only networks, making the host computer act as a router.

I have been trying the two host-only version. I´ve configured two virtual NIC on the host (VMnet1 & VMnet2), but I am unsure which IP-configuration each of them should have...?

Then on the virtual guests I have connected them to each of the virtual NIC´s/switches (VMnet1 & VMnet2). Besides from the IP-adress, do I have to configure the dns/gateway in a certain way? From the virtual machine, I am able to ping the virtual NIC, on the host. But I get no connection to the other subnet. Do I have to do something to make the host route the traffic between the two virtual NICs?

I have also seened that there are some settings availible in the tab "Host Virtual Network Mapping" in the vmware workstation, where you can choose an IP-address and a subnet - but frankly I dont know what this really does? Do I have to configure this in some way...?

Answer : How to setup two virtual subnets with vmware workstation 6.5

According to the VMware Workstation 6.5 User’s Manual, WS65 "supports for 10 virtual Ethernet switches on Microsoft Windows host operating 
systems. So basically, you can do that."

As per your requirement of two virtual subnets, you need to create two Team LAN Segments accordingly. As soon as you have created a VM with at least one virtual NIC, assign the NIC to the corresponding LAN segment, you then have a VM working in that VLAN or subnet. The same for the second VLAN or subnet.

For detailed instructions and steps to create team LAN segment, VM and virtual adapter, please read from P260 of the user's manual.


VMware Workstation 6.5 User’s Manual
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