Question : Server 2008 R2 print server vs. XP clients

I am having trouble with printers on Server 2008 R2 servicing XP clients.

1. 64 bit drivers will install on Server 2008, but ...

2. XP clients can not install the 64 bit drivers.

3. So I try to add a driver under sharing, additional drivers, but even when I can find separate 32 bit drivers, they will not install to the R2 server.

What can I do (other than setting up a special 32-bit print server)?

At the moment my printers are:

1. HP 1022n

2. HP LJ P3005

3. Brother HL 4040 CDN

4. Sharp ARM 455N

I WAS able to install both 64 and 32 bit drivers for the HP 1022n, but I assume that was an accident since non of the others are working.


Answer : Server 2008 R2 print server vs. XP clients

I am assuming your version of Server 2008 R2 is x64.

If you wish to install and make available x86 drivers for each of your printers you need to make sure that the driver.dll  name associated with your printer is the EXACT SAME. The drivers provided by your manufacturer will OFTEN be named differently than the ones provided by Windows. It is for this reason that installing manufacturer x86 drivers with Windows x64 drivers will not work and will often say "x64 driver doesnt exist" or some BS like that. Even though they are installed "properly", the printer will not be able to make the connection between the different file names associated with the x64 and x86 drivers.

My suggestion is to download both the x86 and x64 bit drivers from the manufacturer, uninstall the printer entirely from Server 2008 R2, and then reinstall everything using the Manufacturer drivers.

Once this is done, you can right click on the installed printer, select the "Sharing" tab, and click the "Additional Drivers" button and check off the x64 and x86 drivers as Januismer suggested.
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