Question : SharePoint - single user can't access Rich Text Editor

I've run into a problem with a SharePoint 2007 MOSS site. A single user with Full Control permissions is having trouble using certain page-editing functions. She can authenticate to the site, check out the page for editing, and make edits using the in-frame text editor and Source Editor. However, when she clicks on the Rich Text Editor, nothing happens at all.

The problem is specific to her particular laptop. Her account is able to access the Rich Text Editor fine on every other machine we've tested. Yes, I have cleared her web cache ;)

Anyone run into this particular issue before, or have any ideas? Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

Answer : SharePoint - single user can't access Rich Text Editor

Can you tell this user to add the site to his intranet sites in Internet Explorer? It might be a security setting blocking the javascript of the rich text editor.
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