Question : Wep Page on Internal Server not displaying correctly.

My website is not displaying correctly on 2 of the 3 virtual servers that I have. The one server is displaying the website correctly while the other 2 servers are not displaying it correctly. It seems that the text on the website is being displayed correctly, while the images and background are not being displayed.

Again, I have 3 servers; #1 is running as the main Terminal Server, #2 is running Microsoft Exchange, and #3 is running as the Domain Controller. The website is only being displayed properly on Server #3.

The website is being hosted on an external web server and when I ping the website on each server, the correct IP address is being displayed. I have tried making many different changes within Internet Explorer Options with no avail.

Not sure what else would be causing the issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Answer : Wep Page on Internal Server not displaying correctly.

Please note I've not implemented this myself. I'm merely offering a possible solution..

As far as I'm aware, there's only 2 options you have here. Basic Authentication (always prompt) or it should be possible to install user certificates on the BB devices and use certificate authentication for access to the sharepoint server..

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