Question : Exchange 2010 RPC error

i have installed an exchange 2010 server.

installed a valid certificate.

when i conect with a client on the same domain it connects without any problems.

when i connect with a mobile phone outside the network it also works fine.

when i want to connect with an laptop outside the network it not seems to work.

when i do an test i got this error:

Testing Http Authentication Methods for URL
  The HTTP authentication test failed.
   Additional Details
  A Web Exception occurred because an HTTP 404 - NotFound response was received from IIS7

when i look in IIS 7 i can't find any RPC map/site.

is there something wrong with my exchange or did i missed something?

Answer : Exchange 2010 RPC error

Here are the instructions for 2008:

It's a "Feature" in 2K8.  Take a look at:

Drill into "Features" & click on "Add Features".
In the List window, select RCP over HTTP Proxy and install that feature.  You'll be prompted for any Dependencies that need to be installed to use the feature (e.g. IIS...).

You can also do via PowerShell and the commands are in the first link I posted.

I would use the first method if you are not as familiar with Power Shell.
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