Question : User has 2 Calendars after migration

Hi Experts,

I have just migrated a users mailbox from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007.  The migration completed.  When the users Outlook 2007 client was setup, he went into his calendar which under My Calendars now displays 2 calendars.  One calendar has a few of the users entries and the other calendar has most of the users entries.  

I have tried to copy and paste the entries across but this doesn't work because it appends "COPY" into all the entries that I have copied over.  This is becoming an issue because the user also uses CRM for Outlook which cannot function correctly because there are 2 calendars and it doesn't know which one to use.

I have also tested this in Cache mode and in Online and I get the same thing.

Any help with this is much appreciated.


Answer : User has 2 Calendars after migration

From Outlook, go to File, Import and Export, Export and follow the Wizard to export the calender to a file. Then Import it into the one you want to keep. After that, go to Calender tab in Outlook and uncheck one of the calenders.
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