Question : Adobe Acrobat 9 inserting tab pages

I have a document comprised of several combined pdf files.  I would like to insert tabbed pages where the files were combined.  I have used the print option> finishing options and inserted tabbed pages and indicated where i wante them to be place.  Problem is, it actually prints the document  page onto that tabbed insert rather than leaving it as a blank divider.  Any ideas?

Answer : Adobe Acrobat 9 inserting tab pages

Apologies, but I don't quite follow where this happens. I assume this is the print options of the Imagerunner.

I think the quick fix is to insert blank pages in between the PDF file where you need them. You can create an empty PDF in Word (=>print to PDF) and then use the Document>Insert Pages>From file to insert the page and duplicate this for all occurrences.

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